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Posted On: Aug 06, 2018
TEAMSTER’S HAPPENING            (July 2018)

Freight topics

  • YRC- Road and City grievance settlements more than $7600.00 since January 2018.
  • USF Holland grievance settlements more than $11,500.00 since January 2018
  • UPS Freight grievance settlements more than $530.00 since January 2018
  • Have resolved more than 162 discharges and suspensions.
  • Business Agent Steve Bishop was appointed to the ABF National Negotiating Committee which were finalized July 1, 2018. He was also the Union Co-chair of the ABF Carolina’s Supplemental agreement where he did an outstanding job in not only negotiating a beneficial contract for our members but played a crucial part in resolving issues for the ABF Road drivers in Local 391 as well.  


  • The IBT and UPS have reached tentative agreements on the UPS Package, UPS Freight and CSI contracts.  A two-man meeting will be held in Chicago, IL on August 9th for approval by all local Unions prior to being sent to the general membership for a final VOTE. Hopefully this can be completed by the end of August, 2018. Any retro pay or benefits will be adjusted back to August 1st.
  • A contract review, along with questions and answers will be held on August 11th @ 9:00 at the Union Hall. A subsequent meeting will be held in Florence on August 15th
  • The implementation of Saturday ground delivery operation continues to be a huge staffing challenge for the Charlotte Hub with both part-time and full-time needs. At the current time there are still over 18 Full-time Package Car drivers positions to be filled in the Charlotte Hub alone.   
  • At the time of this writing there are still over 15 Full-time Feeder driver positions open in the Charlotte hub and surrounding area. The company has even gone to outside hires in hopes of filling these positions prior to Peak Season. This is after posting the bid for these positions at least 4 separate times since January for all current part-time and full-time employees.  
  • We have been able to resolve over 41 off the job discharges and suspensions and returned the individuals to work.
  •  We have won over $41,000 in grievance settlement since January 2018.

White Paper Contract

  • We successfully completed negotiations with Northern Tool & Equipment on a new three-year contract. The contract included improved benefits (expanded Funeral Leave and 6 weeks paid leave for birth of a child for the mother or father), plus average 3% increase per year.
  • We have completed the Master contract for ALSCO which covers the southeastern U.S. We were able to negotiate substantial increases in the commission rates for these drivers, as well as increase in the Pension contributions.
  • We are currently in negotiations with the Red Cross. We are teaming up with Local 391 and will be negotiating a Carolinas Regional Contract to cover all Red Cross facilities in the Carolinas.
  • We are continuing negotiations with ARAMARK Uniforms. We had reached a tentative agreement, but it was rejected by the membership after interference by local management. We will return to the table in early August.
  • We have completed the three arbitrations for off the job discharges. Unfortunately, we were not successful in two workplace violence cases. However, we were successful in the progressive discipline discharge at the Red Cross. The employee was returned to work with 11 months backpay and benefits.

Organizing Front

We continue to get calls for those interested in becoming a Teamster. Unfortunately, many of them only use the threat of organizing as a ploy to get their employers to step up their game. We will however continue to pursue any and all leads that come our way in hopes of growing this great Union.
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